All our students wear the following uniform:

  • A navy blue blazer with the school badge on the breast pocket
  • Navy blue trousers or a skirt of suitable length
  • A school tie
  • A white shirt with a suitable collar for a tie
  • Navy or black socks
  • Black shoes – No training shoes, boots or pumps are allowed
  • A navy blue V neck jumper (optional)FHS

Girls PE kit:

  • Trainers
  • Navy knee-length socks
  • Navy shorts
  • Navy PE skirt (kilt style)
  • Sky blue sports shirt - Short sleeved and with collar
  • Blue track suit/ blue sweatshirt (optional)
  • Black leggings (can also be worn for Dance)
  • Black pumps or dance shoes for Dance (optional)

Boys PE kit:

  • Trainers
  • Football boots
  • Navy football socks
  • Navy football shorts
  • Sky blue reversible rugby shirt - Navy collar and cuffs
  • Light blue t-shirt or polo shirt
  • Black pumps or dance shoes for Dance (optional)
  • Blue track suit/blue sweatshirt (optional)

The school operates a no jewellery policy which includes ear studs which must not be worn.

A wrist watch may be worn.

Piercings of any kind, extreme hairstyles (such as shaved heads, lines, Mohicans), vibrantly coloured hair and excessive make-up are not acceptable.

Mobile phones are allowed in school but they must be switched off and kept out of sight at all times.  Use of mobiles is only permitted in the Dining Room

The school will not accept responsibility for any equipment such as phones, iPods and hitech electrical goods.