Transition Zone

A very warm welcome to Fleetwood High School’s Transition Zone. We are delighted that you will be joining our Fleetwood family this year and we are here to support your child through their move to high school along with parents and primary staff. This area aims to provide both students and parents, with all the information you need at a glance to support children through a successful and enjoyable transition to secondary school.

We understand that making the move to secondary school is a big step for children, for many, leaving the same environment, routines and teachers they have known since the age of 4. It is normal for children to have questions and feel anxious about the changes ahead, along with maybe feeling excited for the new starts and challenges ahead. At Fleetwood High School, we work closely alongside the other Secondary schools across the Wyre district and have secure links and relationships with all primary schools to ensure a cohesive approach to transition across the area. We have a range of strategies and support in place to address the complex process of transition including the academic, social – emotional and specific needs of each child and most importantly, keep their well being at the forefront of our endeavours. As you can see from the comprehensive overview of our process below, we aim to get to know your child as much as possible prior to the September start. Our aim is to make sure all children, parents and families feel increasingly positively about the move to high school throughout the process with worries and concerns diminished as we welcome you and into the next chapter of your child’s education and into the Fleetwood family.

Please see below a brief over view and timescale of events for Transition.


  • Children receive High School confirmation

March / April 

  • Welcome letter from FHS
  • Primary schools receive information collection spreadsheet from high schools for completition.  


  • Family Bingo evening
  • Spreadsheet returned to High schools and subsequent visits made by Transition Manager and the year 7 team to see children and for further discussion with primary staff.
  • Further letter sent out to confirm individual Transition Zone passwords for enrolement form completion and surveys.
  • Distribution of enrolement forms (now via the FHS website ‘Transition Zone’)


  • Additional visits for some children in preparation for the ‘main’ transition day.


  • Return of enrolement forms
  • Transition Day
  • Parents Evening with final information  

We look forward to welcoming you soon and supporting you and your child over the next 5 years in successfully achieving through personal best.    

Miss Walsh
Primary Transition Manager
Teacher of PE & PA

Transition 2020
Under normal circumstances, families would have been invited in for our Bingo evening in May as an initial welcome and getting to know you event. Of course, due to these unprecedented events of 2020, this has been cancelled along with the usual transition programme having to be significantly modified. We are putting in place a number of plans and procedures for you and your children to ensure they have the best and safest possible transition under the circumstances. This area of the website will be key to this and will continue to be populated with additional information, surveys and preparation work for children to ensure they have the best possible start with us in September so please check back regularly! We will also endeavour to let you know as and when we can provide updates regarding the process going forward.