Homework Policy

Teaching Standard

“Set homework and plan other out-of-class activities to consolidate and extend the knowledge and understanding pupils have acquired”


Homework comprises activities which are set to be completed outside the timetabled curriculum, but not necessarily at home; which contain an element of independent study and which represent an extension or consolidation of prior learning or preparation for future learning.


All students at Fleetwood High School will be expected to complete homework. Homework set will be differentiated and appropriate to the needs and abilities of the student. Facilities will be provided in school to enable students to complete homework, such as the Learning Resource Centre.

Key Stage 4

During Year 9, 10 and 11, subject specific homework will be set for all courses studied. This will be linked to the learner’s timetable and be based on both the requirements of the course studied and the progression of the learner.

Key Stage 3

During Year 7 and 8 at Fleetwood High School students will be expected to complete at least one piece of homework, per fortnight, for each subject. This will depend on the subject and the number of lessons each week. In core subjects homework should be set on a weekly basis.


Homework will:

  • Engage students in enjoyable and worthwhile activities; encouraging them to see the value of homework and joy of independent learning
  • Enrich and broaden the learning of students
  • Permit more ground to be covered and more rapid progress to be made
  • Involve parents and guardians in students’ learning, fostering a mutual responsibility for this part of their education
  • Provide staff with opportunities to develop differentiated learning for students
  • Allow students to see the links between subjects and transfer skills/ knowledge learned from one subject to another
  • Develop PLTS skills, for example through research and investigation tasks requiring students to be ‘independent enquirers, ‘self-managers’ and ‘creative thinkers’

Staff Guidelines

In setting homework staff should:

  • Set tasks within the guidelines of faculty and school policy on homework
  • Set homework on a regular basis – at least once per fortnight
  • Ensure that clear guidance, details and deadlines are issued to students
  • Ensure students record this homework accurately in their planners by requesting that homework entries begin with the name of the subject it is being given in before further details are recorded; and by checking all planners have the homework recorded in them.
  • Provide timely feedback on tasks
  • As with classwork, provide rewards and incentives for effort and achievement
  • Keep a record of tasks set and any marks awarded


  • Form tutors should regularly check that students have their planners and are writing their homework tasks in. Names of problem students need to be then forwarded to the appropriate Head of Year.
  • Directors Of Faculty must quality assure homework practices in their faculty on a regular basis. This will be done via student homework and planner scrutiny, as part of the line management schedule.
  • The Leadership Group must also quality assure faculty homework practices and use of planners by scrutinising these as part of the Whole School Faculty Evaluation process.
  • Subject tutors will monitor the homework that students submit. Failure to submit homework will trigger Faculty sanctions based on the Faculty Policy. The specific sanction for non-completion of homework will be at the discretion of the individual Faculty who will select the most appropriate course of action.