“Those pupils who are identified as most able or talented in particular subjects, are given additional opportunities to extend their learning outside the classroom” Ofsted

Fleetwood High School provides a high quality rounded learning experience for your child. All National Curriculum subjects are delivered by highly talented staff in purpose built surroundings. We are a comprehensive school in the true sense of the word, and we have a wide variety of students with different learning needs. Able and Talented students are identified early on in their school career and are provided with work and opportunities which aim to stretch their abilities. We also have a very effective Student Support facility which identifies students with learning needs and helps support their journey through secondary school.

“Extra support is given to those pupils at risk of not making expected progress” Ofsted

Every child matters, and therefore each of our students are given individual target levels or grades to reach in each subject by the end of the academic year. This is also reported to you as parents, and you are sent reports throughout the year which inform you of your child’s progress against their targets. In addition to this, parents are invited to an annual Parents’ Evening to discuss their child’s achievement. Students are rewarded for effort and hard work in a variety of ways, but the most prominent is the issuing of rewards which are counted up on an individual and house basis. Bronze, Silver and Gold certificates are awarded in assemblies, and these are linked to privileges such as tickets to see a film and “Tea with the Headteacher.”