Our Primary links have been developed intensely since January 2010 where we have increased our working alongside our local feeder and other primary schools to ensure a smooth and effective transition from Primary to Secondary school. In addition, we offer a variety of opportunities for primary students to come and learn within Fleetwood High and for our staff to go out into primaries to support the transition process.

Our Main Feeder Primary schools – FHS

Charles Saer Primary School
Chaucer Primary School
Flakefleet Primary School
Shakespeare Primary School
Larkholme Primary School

We also outreach to and take students from –

St Marys, Fleetwood
St. Wulstans, Fleetwood
Manor Beach, Cleveleys
Northfold, Cleveleys
Anchorsholme Primary
Norbreck Primary School
Thornton Primary School
Sacred Heart Primary School, Thornton
Roylesbrooke Primary School, Thornton
Baines Endowed Primary School, Thornton
Stanah Primary School, Thornton



As a Primary School, should you wish to get involved in any of the events above or request opportunities in other areas of the curriculum, please contact Melissa Walsh, Primary Links Manager,

The Wyre and Fylde Transition Cluster involves all Primary and Secondary schools across Wyre and Fylde and aim to standardise transition across the area for all students. Primary students start units of work based on Literacy and Numeracy within the summer term of year 6 that are carried forward to their relevant High School.

Transition Units:

Spirals Project (.zip)
Kensukes Kingdom (.zip)

Prior to the transition process, in addition to the support and opportunities offered throughout Primary School,  Primary students and parents are offered additional support and .
A Primary Links Manager visits all students at the start of year 6 in 16 local primary schools to invite them personally to the Open Evening, whom by this time, many students know through prior liaison. In addition, the Head teacher visits the main feeder Primary schools for an open question and answer for parents just prior to Open Evening in September. Following the school option choice process, the Primary Links Manager or specialised pastoral assistant then visits all students along with class teacher prior to transition day in July, to gain an overview of attainment and social and emotional needs. In support of this, a specialised team of Student Support staff are invited in to Primaries to meet with parents and students requiring additional support throughout transition. This culminates in the final transition day where all students will have met and spoken with a key member of staff prior to the day.
On this day, students are welcomed into school and toured around a variety of lessons to enable them to feel more secure regarding their impending new challenge.