Fleetwood High Schools’ Parent Council has been running for several years now.  It is a forum where we can meet, share ideas and offer our views to the Headteacher and Governing Body of the School. It gives us, the parents and carers, the support and advice we need to help and encourage our children with their learning.  It gives us more information about our children’s education and the quality of that education.  We understand that many parents want to step back and let their children become more independent when they reach High School but pupils do achieve better when their parents are actively involved in school life.  The school also values these meetings because they develop a better understanding of parents views and needs.

We meet every half term to discuss issues affecting the High School and the community. Fleetwood High School consults The Parent Council on many issues such as homework, uniform, healthy eating plans and social events. Each year group in school has a representative to check and monitor parent opinion. We have accomplished a lot over the last few years, but we do need new members, especially for Year 11 who currently do not have a representative.

The meetings are structured on a formal basis, but parents are given the opportunity to raise issues they feel are important.  A senior member of staff is always present to answer questions. The more often you attend the more you can find out about school life and how we can celebrate its success, share it with our local community and even help improve it further

If you would like to attend, or find out more about what we do, please contact The Parent Council through

Meetings usually take place on the first Tuesday after returning to school and last from 7pm until 9pm.  A ‘callparents’ message is sent out to all parents we have mobile telephone details for prior to meetings taking place. 

We look forward to meeting you.

The Parents Council