“Pupils reported few concerns regarding bullying, and the logs supported that this is uncommon in school” Ofsted

Parents are actively encouraged to be involved in their child’s education and help support the school. Our partnership with parents is something which we consider vital to the development of the school and our pupils’ education. We have a Parents’ Council which has regular meetings, and we encourage all parents to attend and become part of this valuable group. The Council is regularly consulted in major decisions such as, for example, homework and literacy. Indeed, there are also opportunities for parents to become part of the management of the school through Parent Governor elections when vacancies arise. We also have regular, and extremely popular, “Fleetwood Voice” events, where all families are invited to an evening of entertainment, supper and information giving.

Parents are able to communicate on a weekly basis with their child’s Form Tutor via the student planner, which all children have in order to record homework tasks. Both Form Tutors and parents are expected to sign planners once a week. On occasion, we also ask parents to fill in questionnaires giving us much valued
views and opinions which help us make important educational decisions.

Parents are invited into school on a regular basis to
meet with staff regarding their child’s progress, to attend productions and school events and to attend Parents’ Council meetings. We also communicate with parents via a termly newsletter and our web site. In addition, parents have the opportunity to view their child’s ongoing progress logs and attendance record through password enabled access on the web site itself.

“Work with parents, the local authority and the wider community is well supported and effective” Ofsted.

Parent Council