Leading Edge Award


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The Leading Edge Award
The ‘Leading Edge’ Award is specifically for our most able learners. This award will challenge students to explore brand new skills, take responsibility for their own learning and engage them in a wide variety of learning tasks across school. Each task they complete will count as a set amount of credits and contribute towards their ‘Leading Edge’ award at either Bronze, Silver or Gold level. Tasks will fit within the strands of ‘Leadership’, ‘Communication’, ’Independent Learning’, ‘Community’ and ‘Enrichment’.

Independent Learning Projects
Independent Learning Projects or ‘ILPs’, compliment work carried out in lessons to give extra breadth and depth to learning. These can be on additional topics not studied in class or to extend learning.

Subject Specific Ambassadors (SSAs)
Most Able learners are invited to apply for the role of Subject Specific Ambassadors’ or SSAs in all subject areas. The role involves them in leading and supporting younger students including the many visiting groups from local primary schools. This year there are 40 students across years 7 to 11 involved with this scheme, aiming to develop leadership alongside key subject specific skills. The SSAs are important representatives of the school community and act as ‘mini’ prefects, a role which has traditionally been reserved for the most senior students.