Students at Fleetwood High School are expected to be aware, involved and contribute to the local community. We have our own communal ethos in that all students (with the exception of Year Seven) are part of a team, or form group, which includes students from Years Eight to Eleven. Senior students take a leading role and many are either appointed as Lead Learners who help younger students with their studies, or prefects who have a post of responsibility involving duties which contribute to the effective running of the school.

All students study Citizenship, and through this come into contact with community partners such as the PCSO and nurse who are linked to the school. We have students who are involved with the local council, such as those who are nominated for young persons’ mayor, a position which is voted for by our students. Regular project work also takes place, and our students visit and are involved with a number of institutions, such as our local care home. All students are involved, at some level, in raising money and awareness for local charities such as the Rotary Interact Group (African charity), Brian House and the local animal rescue charity.