The Importance of Parental Involvement

I notice when going through my diary for this half term that we have a number of occasions coming up when the parents of our young people will be visiting school with their children to discuss progress and shape the future. Indeed Year 8 parents will be visiting school this afternoon to support their children make all-important option choices, Year 9 students are currently making Parents’ Evening appointments, and we also have a Year 7 Parents’ Evening coming up early next month.

We have an increasing number of parents attending such evenings, but  the power of the parent at these events must never be under-estimated. Obviously, when attending parents’ evenings you are given vital information about your child’s progress, but you are also sending the message to your child that you are interested in their education and are working in tandem with the school staff to ensure they reach maximum potential

Many of our parents have been attending parents’ evenings for years, but if you are quite new to it I’d like to suggest a few things:

·         Chat to your child beforehand and see what their take is on how they are doing across their various subjects.

·         It’s always a good idea to make a list of questions before the evening. For example – What’s my child good at? What do they need help with? Is there anything they need to be doing/I can support with at home? What sort of grades are they achieving? Do they seem happy? Are they joining in lessons?

·         Take a few notes when staff are talking to you, so you can give your child some feedback if they are not with you, and so that you can refer to what’s been said in the weeks to come.


I like to think of our parents as the main Project Managers behind our children’s success, and my staff and I are all too aware that you are the main influencers in the lives of our young people. As such we are looking forward to meeting you in the forthcoming weeks, and during the remainder of the school year. However, don’t forget that you do not have to wait until parents evenings should you want to discuss your child’s progress at any point, a telephone message or email to your child’s Head of Year will be responded to should you have any queries.