Science For The Future

As I mentioned last week, we have recently had a real focus on Science at Fleetwood High School.

The school hall was abuzz last Tuesday as a large number of our local primary school’s visited to take part in our Primary Science Challenge. The room was full of Year 5 teams, enabled by our Year 7s,  and all propelling their creations around in an attempt to become Fleetwood High School Primary Challenge  Champions 2019. Congratulations to Flakefleet Primary School on their win!

As one of our further Scientific events last week, our Year 8 Science , Engineering and Technology day also went extremely well. The students who took part in this workshop have chosen Graphics, Resistant Materials or Construction as one of their future Option Choices; this was because the opportunity to take part was most relevant to them. All were split into teams and given roles. The objective was to find an area most suitable to place a wind farm. Students then had to calculate how much the farm would cost to build and how many KW of energy the farm would produce, as well as how much profit would be made over a 25 year span. Students were even able to use virtual reality headsets to look around their designed wind farm!

Finally each team presented their findings, with the winning group producing a slick presentation with notes, a collaborative approach, very accurate calculations, and further research into the benefits of this type of energy source which surpassed expectations.

The students tell me that the day was challenging and educational, but fun and interesting, as they worked together with their friend to create something of high quality; which is a perfect way of describing how we all learn best really!