Our Countdown To The Summer Is On

It isn’t just the freezing fog looming across Fleetwood this morning that makes our thoughts turn to the summer at Fleetwood High, Year 11 and staff have also got the forthcoming summer exam period on their mind.

It was  a sharp reminder, although it currently seems very far away, that our senior students will soon be sitting their GCSE exams in just a few months, when Mrs Moore (our Exams Officer) sent around the 2019 summer exam schedule late last week. It was also sobering to see that the first exam, which is actually Computer Science, is on the 13th May and less than four months away.

However, our staff are ensuring that students will be as fully prepared as possible, both in their lessons and by offering an array of enrichment and revision opportunities after school, which you can find in the “News and Up and Coming Events” section of this website.

In addition to the regular after school “Period 6” sessions, we have had extra work shops in some subjects. For example The English Department ran a GCSE Poetry Anthology session last week which was attended 4PM to 7 PM by 94 Year 11 students. I have to commend and admire both my staff and pupils here, as to put in 3 hours solid revision after a full school day was no mean feat, despite the slice of takeaway pizza on offer at the end of it all!

Miss Wood also tells me that she will be running a series of 3 Geography night schools, starting next Monday 4PM to 7PM; so there are undoubtedly an array of enrichment and revision opportunities for Year 11 to take advantage of during this term and in the run-up to the summer.

I encourage as many students as possible to join in and take advantage of these activities. “You reap what you sew” as the saying goes, and I am sure that any hard work and commitment our students are prepared to put in now will be paid off, in terms of great results, when they arrive in August 19.