Literacy Matters

This term will see both staff and students focus even more sharply on written literacy.

Obviously we were delighted that Teaching and Learning in our school has been acknowledged to be “Good” by Ofsted, but (as I’ve repeatedly said) there is always room for improvement. This we feel should be centred around helping our students develop even better “technical accuracy and fluency of their writing.” 

In this summer term all staff across all subjects will be focusing on the spelling and meaning of key words for mature writing, both generally speaking and within their subject areas. They will also be pushing students hard on their sentence structures and use of apostrophes, as well as sharp presentation of work. Staff have received additional training in these areas, and students are fully aware of this cross-curricular focus through this week’s assemblies. It, of course, goes without saying that the more precise, sophisticated and mature a student’s exam answer is, the more successful they are likely to be, no matter what the subject. Further developing written literacy across all subjects will also play a huge part in our development plan for next year.

Speaking of literacy, our school library continues to be a key resource for students, who are able to use this facility at break, lunch times and for homework after school. Our library is currently featuring the national initiative “Shelf Help.” This features a collection of books chosen by young people and health experts to help students cope with what might be difficult feelings and experiences that could affect their well-being. The collection features a variety of reference and fiction texts on a number of modern issues: Absent parents, OCD, Autism, Gender fluidity, On-line Safety, Sex, Bullying and Domestic Violence, to name but some. In addition to all our regular activities in the library (of which there are many!) Fleetwood librarian Mrs Sheard is also running a book club with a group of Year 7 students who will be reviewing “Girl With A White Dog” after independently reading and discussing it.