House System

This week sees the launch of our new House System in assemblies.

Having recognised that the old House System we used to have in school has become somewhat tired, staff and students have prepared a new system which will come into effect this week.

Students from Years 7 to 10 will be placed in a House, which will be decided by the colour of tie that they wear for our older pupils, and by the new badge which Year 7’s will all be allocated. Those wearing a red tie or badge, will belong to The House of Hesketh. Other Houses, which also have an obvious local theme, are Euston which will sport yellow, Mount with green badges and ties, and Marine which is obviously blue!

The idea behind the House System is to create a sense of local community, but also to provide our young people with a competitive element in their school life. Competitions between Houses will run throughout the year and will be subject based.  A number of House Assemblies will also run across the year, during which newly appointed Heads of House will discuss the ongoing House competitions, current performance of the House, as well as celebrate success’ and rally student support for forthcoming competitions.

None of this will of course replace our current year group system, but is intended as an additional interest and motivator for students, and is a different and additional platform on which they get the opportunity to shine.