Headteacher’s Blog January 2020

The new term is now well under way
with students back in lessons, focused and engaged with their learning.  Year 11 will begin their official GCSE exams
at the beginning of May and it is imperative that they continue to work when at
home, completing all homework set and revising. 
We have additional revision sessions (listed below) taking place every
week which I ask parents to encourage their child to attend, with additional
separate, 4pm – 6pm sessions for Maths (Wednesday 15 January), English (Tuesday
4 February) and Science (Tuesday 11 February).

MFL  – Mr Ivell
PE – Miss
MFL  – Mr Ivell
MFL  – Mr Ivell
Computing – Mr
11Y3 and 11Y4
PE – Miss
Geography – Miss
Wood  3-3.45pm
– Mrs Bradley Elwell 3-4pm
4-6pm Core
English drop-in
11Y3 and 11Y4 3-4pm
Mr Charlton 3-4pm
History – Mr
Bennett 3-3.30pm
Computing 3-4pm
Science 11X1 – 3-4pm
Science 11Y1 –
Miss McKell 3-4pm
Dance – Miss
Walsh – individual students 3-4.30pm
Art – Mrs
Brookfield 3-4pm every other week from 9th January
RM – Mrs
Brookfield 3-4pm every other week from 16th January
Computing – Mrs
Leadbetter 3-4pm
Computing – Mrs
Leadbetter 3-4pm
– Mrs Bradley Elwell 3-4pm

After school on Tuesday 14 January saw Fleetwood
Town FC present to students in Year 11 regarding the ‘National Citizen Service’
(NCS) which is an opportunity for learners to take part in a once in a
lifetime, 3 weeks experience during the summer, once all their exams are
finished and they are preparing for their next steps.

Thursday 16 January we will be welcoming Year 8
parents to meet with staff to find out how well their child is doing in their
subject and the next steps to improve.  On
Tuesday 28 January, the year group will be involved in a Career event at the
Pleasure Beach where students will have the opportunity to see what courses are
offered at local colleges and possible career paths for the future.

Year 10 Parents’ Evening will take place on
Wednesday 29 January.  This is the first
opportunity for my teaching staff to share with parents the progress of their
child since they started their GCSE studies in September.

This term also saw the launch of our ‘Memory
for Learning’ for our current Year 7, with students being given 10 facts to
learn each week which they are then tested on the following week.  The results are entered on to a leader board
to see which Form is the best in the year group.  At the end of this term we will be holding
our ‘Mastermind’ event to see which Form can remember the most facts.