Exam Season, Farewells and Thank Yous

Beauty & the Beast

As we come to the end of a short but busy half term it is an important opportunity to look forward as we move towards the final half term of the school year.

Unbelievably Year 11 GCSE exams are now almost half way completed, but there are two more incredibly important weeks of exams yet to come when we return after the holidays.  The school will be delivering revision sessions over the half term break, as per our published calendar on News and Events, but I would also urge parents of Year 11 students to ensure that revision is also taking place at home in these final weeks.  I know we all want to maximise the chances of our young people to get the results they are capable of.

Equally we have already commenced mock exams in Year 10, and in a few weeks all year groups will take their end-of-year exams.  Year 9 will also be taking important “Key Stage 4 Ready” assessments starting on Tuesday 4 June.  Again, it is crucial that parents encourage their sons and daughters to revise at home before these exams.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank those of you who came to our Parent Council meeting last week.  I believe we covered some important ground in terms of the school’s recent Ofsted inspection and the information and advice Miss Hibbert gave regarding how to deal with bullying, should this be a problem in or out of school for your child.  However, I would stress that this was for information only and reassure everyone that Ofsted say “pupils are adamant that bullying is rare… they say that, on the rare occasions that bullying does occur, staff deal with it well and quickly.”

Speaking of Thank Yous, I must also mention our fantastic production of Beauty and The Beast. Students and staff worked incredibly hard on this and all who attended were amazed by the level of talent on show.  Well done to all involved.

This weekend sees a number of school trips depart.  Firstly we have a variety of students visiting Paris with the DT Department.  We also have a number of our more musical students going “on tour” to Barcelona.  Finally we have  a Year 11 Science and Maths revision trip going out to the wilds of Winmarleigh.  My thanks to the staff who are giving up their holidays to provide these fantastic opportunities for our young people.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to say goodbye and a huge thank you to Mrs Collister, our Head of English, who is leaving this Friday to move on to be Head of English and MFL at Blackpool Sixth Form College.  Mrs Collister has been with us 11 years and been a fantastic teacher and a strong leader who has carried The English Department forward to be the most successful core subject in the school.  Ms Bell-Fairclough, already an outstanding English teacher and Head of Year, will take over in the role of Head of English.