As Year 10 are set to become the most senior students in the school, they have been focusing on the important topic of Employability.

It is essential that, before entering their final Fleetwood High School year, all senior students are fully advised and trained regarding entrance to the world of work. This applies even to the many students who will go on to college after Year 11. Employability is something that we all need to consider at some point, and therefore be educated about.

Earlier this week saw half the year group involved in a bespoke event on this very topic, with the other half to follow with their training in the next few weeks.

In one session The Department of Work Based Pensions delivered a valuable session regarding “On line usage.” In an increasing web based economy employers use all manner of media as a recruitment tool, and students need to know about how to best promote and safeguard their employability in this way. Our second session was delivered by Business Advisors from Builders Supplies and involved guidance on how students can make their individual applications for work and further education more attractive and of a high quality. Areas covered also included how to best present yourself in person, as well as on paper.

Our third session was run by representatives from the General Medical Council who coached students regarding CV skills. Students entered the session with their own CVs prepared so that they could be given  feedback during the session, which also included useful examples for reference of varying techniques and styles. Our fourth and final session was run by Elite Skills who are army based. This session involved team and confidence building challenges and activities, again vital skills our youngsters need to be familiar with for the world of work.

At the other end of the Fleetwood High age spectrum, local junior schools participated in our annual Egg Heads competition last week. The event mirrors the TV show, and “most able” students are tested on their general knowledge skills during the event. After what I believe was a closely contested battle between Shakespeare and Northfold primary schools, Northfold came out victorious for the second year running! This won them the right to play our own Fleetwood High Year7/8 Egg Heads. Northfold’s broad knowledge and competitive streak meant that they put on an impressive show, despite eventually conceding to our high school team. Well done to them though!

I’d end by saying that there’s a certain buzz at school as we look forward to two important events this week on the Fleetwood High School family calendar. On Wednesday we meet our new Year 7 students for the first time, as they come with their families to our annual Bingo, Food and Entertainment evening. However, on Thursday we all go to Blackpool to say goodbye to Year 11 at their School Prom, which will be a sad but proud moment as we wave the class of 2019 goodbye.