Another Busy Week At Fleetwood High!

As usual we’ve had a lot going on in the past week, not least of all an Employability Workshop and Presentation for Year 9 students, which took place today in the school hall. This involved a number of established professionals sitting on a panel for a “Question Time” styled event. Our guests were from a variety of careers and workplaces, such as the hotel industry, a veterinary practice, the police, the army, the public sector and a paramedic. Students asked a variety of questions about things such as career pathways and rates of pay. I’m grateful to the professionals involved, who all answered students’ questions in detail and gave them some valuable information about the world of work.

Year 7 have also been busy taking part in a Metacognition Workshop in the last week, run by a group of staff who have a particular interest in this mode of teaching. Pupils completed a variety of Maths, English and Science tasks which they had to think hard about and work out themselves. The main part of the work was for students to reflect on “how” they had worked through these tasks. The strategy basically encourages pupils to be more independent and resilient. Speaking to students afterwards it would seem that one of the main points learnt during the day was the importance of planning before completing written work.

This week we have a couple of Performing Arts events to look forward to. Students in Year 9 will visit Blackpool Sixth Form College tomorrow to watch a performance of “Fame.” I’m sure that they will also be taking notes to assist with their own production of “Beauty and The Beast” later in the year! Year 11 Performing Arts students will also be visiting The Sixth Form College later this week to complete their Btec final assessments. A number of solos, duets and bands will perform a variety of rock and pop songs, such as “Time of Your Life” (originally by Green Day) and “The Writing’s On The Wall” (originally by Sam Smith,) for their final assessment. I’m sure that we all wish them the best of luck!