An Eye On The Future

During this week and last it is noticeable that many of our young people have firmly got their eye on the future as our Year 11 students are starting to think about life beyond Fleetwood High School, and for most of them that means a place at college in 2019/20.

On Friday (15th) we have a staff professional development day, and the vast majority of our students will not be in school whilst our teachers and teaching assistants update their training on some aspects of teaching children with Additional Needs and ensuring continued high quality delivery of their own subject areas. However, some Year 11 students will indeed be in the building whilst they are interviewed by Blackpool Sixth Form College for the courses they have set their sights on studying next academic year. This will help many pin point exactly what grades they need in the forthcoming GCSEs, and so help focus them even more keenly on their studies.

Mr Anderson, from our Maths Department, has already been helping several of our most talented Year 11 mathematicians make some important decisions for the future when he took them to The Sixth Form College last week. During this visit the students had a real taste of applying the high level Maths skills he has already touched on with them to different contexts when they were given a real experience in participating in an A Level Maths lesson.

It won’t have escaped the notice of many of you, that we had a visit last week from some of Her Majesties School Inspectors. Although I am unable to share the results of that visit with you at the moment (as is normal for any school directly after inspection,) I can tell you that we are pleased with many of the comments that were made about our school which recognise the hard work that has taken place over the last few years. Obviously, I shall be able to share these with you once our report is published.

Finally, I am genuinely looking forward to meeting as many of our students’ parents as possible at this week’s Coffee Morning at 11:30PM Thursday 14th February. I do encourage parents and carers to attend as I genuinely believe that the more we work together, the stronger we make the future for our young people of Fleetwood and its surrounding area.