A Glamorous Farewell

Leavers Prom

It gave us great pride and pleasure last week to see our Year 11 students shine at The Fleetwood High School 2019 Prom.

After what seems to have been a relentless series of GCSE papers, Year 11 finally got to let their hair down at our annual prom celebration, which this year was held at The Village Hotel (formally The Devere) in Blackpool. From 6PM our young people arrived in all manner of vehicles, from Cinderella horse-drawn carriages to retro limousines and sports cars. Every one of them looked amazing as they arrived in their sharp suits and fabulous gowns, with proud teachers and parents looking on. The evening soon got started on the dance floor, the buffet was then served, and Heads of Year Mrs McCauley and Mr Bateman hosted some “special” awards culminating in the crowning of Prom King and Queen. It was a great night, enjoyed by all.

In sharp contrast to the prom, it was also a pleasure to see our new up-and-coming Year 7s and their families at our annual bingo event. It’s on a week like this that you really appreciate the journey  high school pupils are on. It seems like one minute they are wide eyed little children, excited to begin their high school journey; the next they are assured young adults, looking glamorous and ready to take on the world at their high school prom!

Moving on to this week. As usual we have a lot going on and to look forward to.

Lancashire Book of The Year award comes to a conclusion and, as I have mentioned previously, several of our students have been heavily involved. They will be travelling to Preston to take part in the final judging when an overall winning author will be decided upon.

We also have an Art and Graphics educational visit taking place with a number of students visiting the Higher Education department in Blackpool College. This is to find out more about Photography and the HE courses available locally through first hand experience and practical demonstrations.

We also have a number of our sporting students visiting Fylde and Wyre Athletics Championship this week. Good luck to them!

Finally, I’d just like to draw your attention to the Eric Wright notice on our News and Events page which details our plans for upgrading and improving the school playing fields. The short term pain is that the fields will be out of use over the winter period (we will still have full use of the astro turf though,) and the long term benefit will be that our large grassed surfaces will be vastly improved for future use. A sacrifice worth making, I think you’d all agree!