Fleetwood High School is fully comprehensive, and we pride ourselves on being able to offer high quality education for everyone. We are committed to providing an excellent educational service to all students in our Fylde Coast area. We have:

  • An Able and Talented pathway for our most academic and gifted students, including a designated senior person in charge of this provision. Each curriculum area has a teacher responsible for the teaching of Able and Talented students, the school has an Able and Talented register and a variety of enrichment opportunities are
    provided for these students.

  • A highly skilled Student Support Faculty which caters for students with Special Educational Needs in a designated suited area. Student Support is provided, for those who need it, in both the classroom and a small group situation. A team of well qualified and experienced staff also work with outside agencies, such as an Educational Psychologist or specialist
    support when external intervention is required.

  • We are committed to our Equality of Opportunity policy, and so the needs of many Students With Disabilities can be well met by the school. We have disabled access to the building, disabled toilets on both floors, a disabled shower room and a lift giving access to all areas of the school.

  • Sex Education is taught appropriate to the age and ability of the students. The school has a detailed Sex Education Policy available for inspection by parents on request to the Headteacher. Parents have the right to withdraw their children from certain aspects of the Sex Education programme should they wish.
Please contact the school for more information on the above.

“There have been significant reductions in the number of behavioural issues since thenew headteacher’s ‘zero-tolerance’ of poor behaviour”