Working Together to Continue to Improve  Education and Learning at Fleetwood High School

At Fleetwood High a child's  education is extremely important to us.  We want our students to be the best learners they can be and achieve the highest academic and personal standards.

This information is to update parents on our updates to the healthy living programme and mobile phone policy .

Recent medical and educational studies have concluded that the effects of fizzy and energy drinks can have a detrimental effect on learning, often causing medical problems in later life.   We as a school have taken on board this advice with other  local and national schools, deciding to ban them from school.  We do however strongly encourage students to drink regularly throughout the day healthy options such as water.

We have also as a school limited the use of mobile phones.  Parents have been notified by letter. 

>The growth of social media in recent years has had a significant impact on young peoples’ lives both in a positive and negative way.  Posts, pictures and comments on social media between students can often be brought into school creating issues that are unrelated to education and learning. We wish as a school to remain focused on learning and developing social skills young people will need in life.

Mobile phones are allowed at break and lunchtime in the Dining Room and outside the buildings. This will be reviewed moving forward. They are notallowed at any other time in lesson, in between lessons or around school buildings and corridors. This also includes headphones and other electrical devices.  Devices will be confiscated if students are using them inappropriately.  They will be locked away with names attached but we accept no responsibility for them.

On the first occasion students can collect them at the end of the day.

On the second occasion phones will be returned the next day.

On the third parents will be asked to collect them.

We do realise that mobile phones are important for parents to contact their child after school but I would ask that you wholeheartedly support the school in its quest for the best education and if you wish to contact your child you do so through the school office.

Thank you in advance.  If you have any questions please contact your child's Head of Year or Assistant Head of Year in the first instance.