Rock’n Roll

Year 7 Students at Fleetwood High School were challenged by the Geography Department to enter into the spirit of their studies on the effects of weathering by creating imaginative pet rocks. This task has become somewhat of an annual event celebrated by staff and students alike.

The project allowed the youngsters an opportunity to creatively showcase their work and talent by designing not only a pet, but a survival guide to go with it. The winners of the project produced excellent pets and guides, ensuring no pet was left out in any extreme weather conditions and suffering from any type of weathering. At the time of the event there was no chance of their pets suffering from exfoliation (onion-skin weathering) in extreme heat as we had just experienced a very wet week in Fleetwood, however some projects came prepared with picnics and parasols just in case!

Students commented on the competition stating, “It was amazing because it wasn’t like any other project we have ever done!” – Chris Ramshaw and Patrick Joyce beamed, “It was a fun project and I was able to use my imagination explaining weathering to other students, it wasn’t a standard writing task and showed us what we are capable of achieving!”
Miss Jemma Orange, the Humanities teacher responsible for the project was extremely thrilled at the quality of the entries, “This highlights the hard work and dedication of the students at Fleetwood High School and demonstrates the motivation and creative skills that they possess, I am delighted.”

The overall winners were selected by Headteacher, Mr Barnes and the Geography Department with Lauren Southern triumphing with her pet rock mouse, its habitat and survival guide.  Other entries included ‘Rocky’, ‘Sedimentious’, ‘Geo-dude’ and ‘Abrasious’.