Fleetwood High School is currently celebrating not only the best GCSE results in the School’s history, but the news that they have been officially re-designated as a specialist provider for ICT and PE. The School was originally awarded specialist school status by The Government’s Department of Education in 2005, with the aim of using ICT and Sport to help drive standards up in all areas of the curriculum.

The High School’s School Improvement Partner, Roy Lyon, who was officially in charge of the awarding process, says, “The specialism is developing into a centre of excellence with clear evidence of an extensive and appropriate range of programmes, a wide range of extra curricular opportunities and strong links with the local sporting community.”
The School was also commended for using both ICT and Sport to have “a positive impact upon pupils’ attitudes, motivation and attendance,” and embracing “a culture that demands continual improvement.”

Much of the work done has involved local primary and secondary schools, as well as Further Education institutions, and therefore the High School’s, “Effective working partnerships with a number of neighbouring schools,” was also recognised and praised.