Our New Team of Prefects

As the time of year approached, where the current Year 11 Prefects were gearing up to sit their final exams, Year 10 were preparing to step into their shoes and take over as the new cohort of Fleetwood High School Prefects. 

Over half of the year group submitted letters of application.  Every single student had clearly put in a great deal of time and effort in the hope of securing an interview.  The letters were scrutinised and just over fifty students were given a gruelling interview: questions fired at them from their Head of Year, Ms Bell-Fairclough and experienced Year 11 Prefects.  Each and every single applicant conducted themselves in a dignified, professional manner, and if we had the capacity or need, we would have appointed them all!

However, a decision had to be made, regardless of how challenging this was and we successfully appointed forty-seven Year 10 students. 

They started their duties straight away, keeping tight control over the school at break and lunch times, and supporting after school events, such as Parents’ Evenings and Sports Presentation Evening.

A small number of newly appointed Prefects applied for the role of Head Boy/Girl and Deputy Head Boy/Girl.  Once their letters had been read and approved, they were asked to do a presentation for the Headteacher, Mr Barnes the Deputy Headteacher, Mr Abbass and their Ms Bell-Fairclough, followed by a series of challenging questions.  Both Nathan Poole and Heather Reed were appointed as Head Boy/Girl, and Robert Heaton and Ellie Perkes appointed as Deputy Head Boy/Girl.

The Prefects all wear their teal coloured badges with pride, and the four principal Prefects have an additional red badge, which set off by the stunning purple ties, setting them apart from the rest of the school, as the senior students that they are.