Design Technology Challenge

Fleetwood high fliers were put to the test last week in a Design Technology primary challenge day at Fleetwood High School. Five local primary schools attended the full day event which was organised and run by the Design Technology student ambassadors (SSAs). The SSAs in the DT faculty at Fleetwood High School designed and planned this challenge as part of their ‘Leading Edge’ award, an accolade specifically designed for ‘Most Able’ learners and sponsored by Victrex, a multi-national polymers company based in Thornton.

Mrs Nicola Bradley-Elwell, champion for ‘Most Able’ students explained, ‘the system of Subject Specific Ambassadors provides opportunity for our leading students to take on responsibility in a subject area of their choice, developing important leadership and team work skills. Our Technology SSAs have worked extremely hard to organise this event and have done a great job launching it to the primary visitors today’.  

The elite Year 5 students from Anchorsholme, Charles Saer, Shakespeare, Flakefleet and Chaucer primary schools were given the challenge of creating a prototype, small scale bridge for a new motorway river and canal crossing. As part of this they had to ensure that the bridge was able to withstand significant weight loads and also allow boats to cross underneath.
The primary students were straight to work on their designs, planning carefully on paper and discussing ideas with their team members. Each team had a Technology SSA to support and provide guidance…. but not the answers!

After some much needed refreshments and extensive testing the teams were ready to showcase their master plans and their carefully constructed prototypes. A team of eagle eyed Year 11 Technology SSAs were the judges, and they looked on as each team came up to test their designs on the model river and canal crossing. Primary teachers watched with baited breath as the Year 5 students carefully assembled their prototype and started to manoeuvre a weighted truck across the bridge. It was only once the truck had successfully made the crossing and returned to the start that the team could heave a sigh of relief and congratulate themselves on a job well done.

There was a short wait for lunch whilst the judges made their decisions, considering team work, creativity and functionality of the bridge and difficult decisions were made.

Head of Design Technology, Mr Steve Woodburn then announced the winners who had claimed a narrow victory for a creative solution and excellent team work shown throughout. Big congratulations go to the 2017 Design Technology ‘Most Able’ challenge champions, Shakespeare Primary School! We hope to see even more schools next year!