Bam Nuttall, the civil engineering company responsible for completing Fleetwood’s tramway works, visited Fleetwood High School last week.
Section engineer Rob Turner spoke to a number of Key Stage Four students about the career opportunities and experiences they could expect when working for a company such Bam Nuttall. Rob described his own work to the students and the reasons why he had entered a career in engineering. He explained that Maths and Science had been subjects that interested him at school, and they fitted in well with engineering. However, he also said that the idea of leaving a lasting legacy, to be able to say, “I built that,” was an attraction to the job. Rob explained to students that there were all kinds of different jobs available at a company like Bam Nuttall, from company director to surveyor’s assistant.
Year 10 student Connor Moore said, “I was really interested to hear how he had worked his way up. He told us what we had to do to get there.” Alex Trushell, also a student at Fleetwood High School, said, “Rob told us about different types of engineering and about the different people you could expect to meet in this kind of work. He also explained quite a lot about health and safety, which was interesting. He told us all about why it is necessary to wear gloves and hard hats on site.”