Year 10 students on Fleetwood High School’s Able and Talented programme, ran a challenging but enjoyable workshop for twenty five Year 8 students recently.

All the Year 10 students are part of a programme for particularly able pupils at the high school, the aim of which is to challenge them beyond day-to-day lessons, increasing their skill set and hopefully raising their aspirations for the future. Their most recent project has been to design and organise a workshop for Year 8 students with the objectives of building the younger pupils self-confidence and independent learning skills. The Year 10s took full responsibility for organising the day: booking rooms, organising equipment, liaising with staff and most importantly designing a programme for the day which would meet their proposed objectives.

The workshop itself took place for a whole day in the school hall, and involved various activities. Groups had to build their confidence immediately by getting into teams and putting together a presentation to introduce themselves. A mini dodgeball tournament then took place to build team skills, before the Spider’s Web Challenge, where groups had to gather their confidence to make their way through a tunnel of string without touching it. Independent learning was then tested as groups were given newspaper and sellotape to create an item of clothing which one team member had to model in a Newspaper Fashion Show.  Teams were then given unsellable items out of a high school bin! which they then had to produce an advert for, or a sales pitch. There was also the competitive team challenge of Mat Races, as groups propelled themselves on gym mats across the floor.

Unfortunately, the day ended on a wet note for all Year 10, except winner Nathan Poole, as the prize for the winning team was to throw sponges at the losing team leaders!

Year 10 student, Shannon Buschini, said “ It was rewarding because I could see the difference in Year 8 confidence from the start of the workshop to the end, it really grew. You could tell the students really enjoyed it, because they were still talking about it the day after.” Fellow  team leader, Heather Reed, added, “It didn’t just help the Year 8s confidence, it also gave us a boost as well. It was definitely a successful and  worthwhile event.”