Nineteen Fleetwood High School students who have ambitions to join the army completed an intensive five day taster course last week.
The fourteen to fifteen year olds visited Altcar Training camp in Hightown, Liverpool for the five day Look At Army Life course. Whilst there students completed infantry training, lectures about army life and a number of physical activities such as assault courses, lengthy runs and paintballing.
Fleetwood High School’s Family Support Worker, Paul O’Connor led the trip. He says, “It’s not a course for the faint hearted, but our young people rose to the challenges that the army gave them. They did find it very difficult at times, but I’m proud to say that they completed all the tasks and weren’t defeated by any.”
Paul also says that some students on the trip have very serious intensions of joining the armed forces. For example, Year Ten student Jamie Bloxam  wants to be an officer in the intelligence core, and during this experience was given some very sound advice on how he might achieve his goal.
Chelsea Croisdale, also a student on the trip, tells us that she found the assault course most rewarding, “I’m absolutely scared of heights, but I got over the course by learning to work with others. I didn’t think I’d be able to do it and I felt really proud of myself afterwards.  ” She also says, “From going on the trip and experiencing army life, I’ve decided that I want to join up now as a gunner.”