Fleetwood High provides a broad and balanced curriculum at Key Stage Three and Four, which is both diverse and enriching whilst ensuring learners can achieve their potential. The fundamental modern British values of democracy, liberty and rule of law are promoted, with mutual respect and tolerance towards those of different faiths and a rejection of extremism. Religious education is broadly Christian with the principles of ‘SACRE’ in mind.

Key Stage 3

KS3 fully prepares learners for their GCSE studies and Option choices in Key Stage Four. Aspiration and exam resilience are promoted throughoutThe subjects studied include English and Mathematics for 4 hours per week, and Science, for 3 hours per week.

History, Geography and RE are studies for 1 hour each, per week, with French delivered for 2 hours. 2 hours of Physical Education and Computing are also provided.

2 hours of Design Technology are delivered, comprising Art, Food Technology, Graphics and Resistant Materials, on a timetabled carousel. Performing Arts is studied for 2 hours per week, consisting Dance, Drama and Music.

Finally, 1 hour of Citizenship skills is provided, which includes Independent Study Skills, Personal Health, Finance and future educational and career aspirations.

 Key Stage 4

English and Mathematics are keys to success and these subjects are studied for 5 hours per week in Key Stage Four. In addition, Science is studied for 5 hours per week and can lead to either 2 GCSE passes, or 3 GCSE passes of ‘Biology’, ‘Chemistry’ and ‘Physics’, if the learner is ready to progress in the subject at an earlier stage. All students study 1 hour of Physical Education and 2 hours of Computing. 1 hour of Citizenship skills, which include Career Guidance, Resilience and Spiritual consideration complete the Curriculum.

Students take 3 further subjects as part of the Options process, taken from a list of courses approved by the Department for Education. Government proposals have identified qualifications considered to be high quality and help progression to future study and work. These subjects offered are History, Geography, French and Computer Science. These are studied for 2 or 3 hours per week.

Further Options are available, to complete the learner’s curriculum for either 2 or 3 hours per week, including GCSE Art, Food Technology, Graphics, Resistant Materials, Dance, Drama, Music, PE and Religious Education

Dependent on learning styles, some Options are vocational Btecs, providing a practical approach to learning, compared to the full exam-based academic subjects. These qualifications are equivalent to one ‘A* to C’ GCSE pass and do now contain an external exam-based assessment. The Vocational based curriculum is important for many, as it allows students an excellent route into specific College courses and Work-based Apprenticeships. These include Business Studies, Child Care and Construction.

An alternate curriculum is designed for the needs of learners who require further time to develop their skills and focus on resilience, teamwork and independent skills. A Prince’s Trust option is available for learners, and includes the Princes Trust Award, Functional Skills English, Maths and IT and a variety of engaging Vocational Awards.

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