At Fleetwood High School we believe that excellent attendance is essential to our students achieving well and maximising their potential. 

We expect all our pupils to aim for 100% attendance.

Any attendance level below 95% will trigger intervention in school to improve attendance.  This may include mentoring, parental meetings or student contracts.

Only 3% of pupils with less than 50% attendance achieve 5 A* - C incl. English and Maths.
73% of pupils with over 95% attendance achieve 5A* - C including English and Maths

What should I do if my child is ill?

Firstly decide if your child is too ill to attend school.  Each day school is attended by a number of pupils who may feel under the weather.  The majority of these pupils improve during the day and have no problems as a result of their attending.
If your child is not attending school please ring school on 01253 876757 on each day if absent.
On return to school, please provide a letter explaining the illness.
In some circumstances the school may request evidence of the illness.  The decision regarding the authorisation of absence is one that rests with the school rather than the parent.

Can a pupil take a holiday in term time?

School will only authorise holiday absences in term time for pupils with above 95% attendance.  The school expects parents to ask permission from school using the attached form (click here) prior to booking the holiday.  The school does request Penalty Notices from the local authority when unauthorised holidays are taken in term time.  This is a fine of £120 per parent per child.
Parents do not have the right to take holiday leave in term time due to the negative impact on pupil learning.

If my child has an unacceptable level of unauthorised absences what can I expect may happen?

School regularly contacts parents regarding attendance concerns via letters, telephone calls and home visits.
We aim to work together to agree strategies to help improve your child’s attendance.
In some cases where there is no improvement in attendance the school may request a penalty notice or in cases of very poor attendance that the parents be referred to the magistrates courts for prosecution under Section 444 of the 1996 Education Act.

Penalty notices are used under the 2003 Anti-Social Behaviour Act.  They are £120 fine per parent per child.
These fines are used in cases of 12 or more sessions of unauthorised absence.  This can include lateness to school and/or holiday in term time.

If you are finding it difficult to encourage or motivate your child to attend school, do not hesitate to contact us.  You can talk to:
Liz Gregson on 07950 179200.  or
Kim Whitehouse on 07908 728388. 
We can arrange to talk to you at school or if you would prefer we can visit you at home or a neutral venue. 
                                                   We are here to help – Please don’t suffer in silence.